In April 2013, the City of Naperville received between six and seven inches of rain in less than 24 hours. Stormwater basins filled, creeks and rivers overtopped their banks, and streets flooded throughout the city. Huffman Street and the homes in the “Huffman Street Bowl” did not flood. The collaborative efforts of many people to protect these citizens and their properties proved successful.

After evaluating scores of possible solutions, CBBEL developed a cost effective plan to address the flooding concerns of theses residents. The public was integrated into the process to determine a solution and many agencies partnered in the development and implementation of a plan. Design, land acquisition, and construction moved forward in phases in such a way that the stormwater controls would not be diminished during construction. URS helped ensure that all phases of the project were completed on time and under budget, the work was done with careful respect for the environment, and the safety of the workers and the property owners was always of paramount importance. In total, the City of Naperville and DuPage County committed just under $15 million for engineering, land acquisition and construction costs to make this project a reality.

The Details


Naperville & DuPage County, Illinois

Construction Cost/Fee

$15 million


Naperville City Council