CBBEL incorporated Best Management Practices (BMPs) into the design of their 6-acre Main Parking Lot. The parking lot is used year round and serves as a demonstration project on how stormwater and pollutants can be best handled in an urban environment. The BMPs were implemented and utilized while providing parking to over 600 cars and 15 buses. The parking lot design included the following environmental BMPs that help to filter and infiltrate stormwater before it enters Meadow Lake: Wetland Sedimentation Basin, Porous Pavement, Depressed Medians, and Subsurface Stormwater Storage. CBBEL prepared the stormwater management report and design drawings which was permitted through the DuPage County Department of Development and Environmental Concerns (DEC). DEC allowed The Morton Arboretum to take credit for the voids in the parking lot’s subsurface as compensatory storage volume in the permit submittal.

The Details


Lisle, Illinois

Construction Cost/Fee

$2.8 million / $15,000


The Morton Arboretum (Sub to Wills, Burke, Kelsey)