To effectively address widespread street and structure flooding issues, the Village has embarked on an ongoing Stormwater Action Plan. The study area includes approximately 1,720 acres west of Ridge Road extending east to the North Branch Chicago River that is served by the Village’s separate storm sewer system. CBBEL developed and calibrated a hydrologic and hydraulic model using flow monitoring data combined with detailed accounts and pictures from residents collected during open house meetings. The model was verified based on the high water marks observed during the April 2013 storm event.

CBBEL and Village staff identified near-term and long term capital improvement projects to reduce flooding. The near term drainage improvements such as green infrastructure can be incorporated into the Village’s current infrastructure projects. These long term capital improvements projects range in cost from $44 million to $75 million to provide a standard level of protection.


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Wilmette, Illinois

Construction Cost/Fee

N/A / $256 thousand


Village of Wilmette