Phase I Engineering

Experts in all aspects of preliminary engineering and environmental studies - Phase I Engineering. Proven track record meeting complex project development schedules and implementing effective public/stakeholder involvement programs.


CBBEL provides expertise to municipalities, counties, IDOT, and the Illinois Tollway for completing Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Studies (i.e.; Phase I Engineering) for projects ranging from non-complex intersection improvement and bike path projects to highly complex roadway realignment and new expressway projects.  Phase I Engineering studies are multi-disciplinary efforts that frequently require completion of detailed studies with respect to traffic performance, safety, socio-economic and environmental impacts, roadway (or bike path) design and alternatives analysis, structural design, drainage  improvements, etc., as well as public/stakeholder involvement, and state/federal/resource agency coordination in order to secure all required approvals before subsequent phases of project development can proceed.  CBBEL has senior staff with expertise within each of these discipline areas and a proven track record for completing all required discipline studies and accomplishing the overall established Phase I project schedule. 

A well-crafted and successfully implemented public/stakeholder involvement program ensures important and meaningful input as part of key project development milestones, and ensures a context sensitive project design.  CBBEL has in-house expertise and a proven track record for successfully implementing Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) public involvement best practices on many projects, and is used by IDOT to assist other engineering firms with implementing CSS procedures. 


Service List


Advisory Group Facilitation

Categorical Exclusions (CE I and II)

Environmental Assessments (EA)

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

Feasibility Studies

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Public Meetings and Hearings

Roadway/Highway and Multi-Use Path Planning and Design