Structural Design

CBBEL provides a multitude of services in the area of structural engineering. Our staff is well versed in most aspects of structural design from complex infrastructure projects to providing support to our ever changing environmental and hydraulic demands.


Our versatility allows us to service many different market sectors and provide both public and private clients a well-rounded field of expertise. From bridges to buildings, we take projects from concept to construction.  CBBEL’s Structural Design Team provides services that range from feasibility assessment and conceptual planning through final design and plan production.  In addition, CBBEL serves as an IDOT approved Element Level – Program Manager for 15 agencies and is responsible for the inspection of over 60 local structures biennially.  CBBEL’s range of projects include: bridges, retaining walls, culverts, floodwalls, floodgates, spillways, water and wastewater treatment plants, pedestrian bridges, parking structures rehabilitations, and industrial buildings.




Service List


Architectual Renderings

Bridge Design (Phase I & II)

Bridge Inspections

Detention Storage Vaults

Existing Structure Assessment

Foundation Evaluations

Low Rise and Industrial Buildings

Municipal Reviews

Pump Stations

Retaining Walls

Transportation Structures

Weirs, Dams, and Spillways